Technology with experience

ACAI DEPURACION is a company dedicated to the design, fabrication and installation of WWTP’S (Wastewater Treatement Plant), for more than 20 years. We develop and manufacture our own biodiscs, ECODISC, and we were the first manufacturer company in Spain of this water treatment technology, having been awarded in 1997 with the IDEA EMPRESA CEEI-ARAGON prize. “The first in developing Compact Biodiscs Water Treatement Plants in Spain”.

Complete and global solution

We design, manufacture and install water treatment plants for populations and communities between 5 and 5,000 inhabitants, with proven effectiveness in all types of environments, for example in high altitude locations such as ski resorts, and also in environments with high salinity like the coastal regions.  We are specialists in small wastewater treatment plants and we respond to sectors that require a simple, reliable cleaning system, with little maintenance and minimal energy consumption.

Quality at your fingertips

We use high quality materials (high density polyethylene, AISI 304 stainless steel, etc.), ensuring the robustness and reliability, with a meticulous design adapted to each specific case.. The highly modular design, the absence of noise and odors, and the integration into the environment, are values that make our WWTPs ideal for: urbanizations, small towns, hotels, sports centers, schools and even single-family homes.

Committed to innovation

We actively collaborate with several Universities in the development of biodiscs pilot plants for research purposes.

We participate in European Innovation Programs that also accelerate our internationalization. From Aragón we project ourselves to the world. We are active members of the Aragonese Water Cluster, ZINNAE and we believe in collaboration and cooperation as a lever of development.


Our technical team, led by Javier Salamero Ribes, contributes to the transfer of knowledge in the sector, participating actively in multiple professional forums related to water technology.

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